Concierge Nursing Services

Medical/Surgical Procedures Aftercare

Customized In-home services providing Professional Nursing (RNs) support before, during and after Medical/Surgical procedures. We coordinate with Medical Providers to minimize risks for post-operative complications. Our services ensure compliance with Physician’s Orders resulting in a smooth, comfortable, and successful recovery period:

Transport/Escort for preoperative testing, labs, medications, etc

Transport/Escort from home to surgical center, and back home.

Transport/Escort from home, to designated Medical Provider for post-operative checkup, and back home.

Review post-operative instructions with Medical Provider.

Retrieve ordered Medications from Pharmacy.

Assist Client at home – provide comfort measures, medication management.

Monitor for potential complications, provide nourishment and hydration.

Provide, educate, and monitor CNA caregivers, if requested by Client.

Nurse On-Call – 24 hour availability.

Skilled Nursing Care – wounds, drains, dressings, pain pumps, catheters, IV fluids, tube feedings, etc.

Communicate/Consult with Medical Providers and Family with questions, concerns, updates.

Assist with post-operative safe ambulation, range of motion, and lung function exercises.

Monitor/Encourage adequate nutritional intake and hydration. Monitor output.

Client/Family Education – infection/injury prevention, wound care, medications, emergency situations, etc.

Medical/Surgical Procedures:

Joint Replacement, Orthopedic Fracture/Repairs, Cosmetic Surgeries, Dental Procedures, Cancer Treatments, Out-Patient Procedures, Eye Surgeries.