10 Awesome Indoor Activities for Dogs

Indoor fetch: 

Fetch soft toys or light balls in a hallway or open space. This activity burns energy and teaches retrieving.


Hide treats or favorite toys throughout the home for your dog to find. This game awakens their scavenging instincts.

Treats and Puzzles:

Challenge your dog's problem-solving with interactive puzzle toys or treat dispensers. These toys amuse and challenge them.

Indoor Obstacles:

Pillows, chairs, and hula hoops make a basic obstacle course. Help your dog jump, crawl, and weave around obstacles.

Indoor tug-of-war:

Play tug-of-war with a strong rope or toy. It's a wonderful way to exercise your dog and bond.

Scent Games:

Hide treats or scent-infused toys in different rooms for your dog to find.

Obedience Classes:

Indoors, practice sit, stay, come, and leave it. Short training sessions engage your dog and improve their response.

Muffin Tin

Treats in muffin pan cups, tennis balls in some. For goodies, your dog must remove the balls.

Indoor agility:

Create a chair, cone, and tunnel agility course. Treat your dog after each hurdle.

Dog Playdate:

Plan an indoor playdate with friendly dogs. Playmates keep dogs entertained for hours.

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