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10 Delicious Cakes And Bakes Every Home Baker Should Master

Lemon drizzle cake

This easy recipe uses buttermilk, but just substitute for milk with a squeeze of lemon juice if you don't have buttermilk to hand.

New York cheesecake

A few tips to make it perfect: use full-fat cream cheese or it will be watery, and try not to overcook it.

Peanut butter caramel brownies

Rich, chocolatey, with a gentle savoury note from the peanut butter, this is a great brownie recipe. The trick is mixing the peanut butter with caramel sauce, then swirling it through the mixture.

Orange and almond cake

This marvellous cake, which is dense and soft, has a base of boiled oranges, which you cook until very soft, then blitz in a food processor.

Burnt Basque cheesecake

A delectable cheesecake which is an evergreen favourite, with good reason. It's crustless with a smooth, creamy filling made from sugar, single cream, cream cheese and yogurt.

Chocolate chip cookies

The bonus with cookies is that you can freeze the raw dough and always have fresh soft and chewy bakes on standby.

Carrot cake

If you've been searching for a perfect, foolproof carrot cake, here it is. The mixture is very forgiving, so you can even make it a day ahead and leave in the fridge until you're ready to bake.

Vanilla layer cake

Here's a twist on a Victoria sponge cake, which gives a richer, more moist sponge. It contains more eggs than the classic, and milk.

Chocolate fondant

These individual desserts have a crisp exterior, but when you get your spoon in, a chocolatey sauce just oozes out. Everyone loves them.

Grapefruit meringue pie

A classic lemon meringue is given a makeover using ruby grapefruits and lime. Although the sweet pastry is homemade.