10-Long Pixie Haircut Classy Update women over 50

Sleek Long Pixie:

For elegance, keep the long pixie smooth and groomed.

Textured Long Pixie

For a trendy, effortless look, add texture and movement to the long pixie.

Bangs: Sideswept 

Side-swept bangs frame the face and lend grace to the long pixie.

Layered Choppy: 

To give depth and dimension to the long pixie, choose choppy layers.

Pixie Undercut:

A long pixie with an undercut or shaved portion is daring and edgy.

Tapered Back:

Balance the long pixie with a trimmed back.

Asymmetrical Long Pixie: 

For a distinctive style, cut the long pixie asymmetrically.

Long Pixie Highlights: 

To brighten the long pixie, add highlights.

Long-Curly Pixie: 

A curly long pixie can be appealing and fashionable for curly-haired women.

Long Pixie Headband: 

The long pixie looks chic with a headband.

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