8 Rude Camping Habits You Need to Stop ASAP


Happy campers

 Yes, it's a very casual holiday (or way of life, depending on how you look at it), but there are still some general unwritten rules that everyone should follow. 


Arriving early

In some settings, it's good manners to show up early, but not when you're heading to your campsite.


Setting up outside the campground

If the campground is getting too crowded, you may think it would be nice to set up your tent outside the designated camping area to give everyone a little more room and privacy. 


Hiking off the trail

Hiking is a popular (and fun) thing to do when camping, and if you're in a popular state or national park, the trails will probably be full of people.


Letting dogs run free

Pets are welcome at many cabins and campsites, including some in National Parks. This can be a great way for you and your dog to spend time together.


Leaving food out

Leaving food out could bring in birds, mice, raccoons, bugs, and other pests that can be annoying. If you live in bear country, this could be very dangerous if you bring in the wrong kind of visitor.


Bringing your own firewood

Some people might think it's helpful and kind to bring firewood from their own garden or fireplace so the rest of the group doesn't have to look for it, but this is a big no-no, and in some cases, it's even illegal. 

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