10 Short Shag Hairstyles That Will Stun You

1. Modern Short Shaggy Mullet. 

The hairstyle shown below is an excellent example of bedhead done correctly. This mullet-style shag is both youthful and daring.

2. Short Blonde Shag. 

The wavy style complements the untamed aspect of the shaggy bob nicely. The cut seen here has been flipped and tousled into a total disaster!

3. Simple Short Shaggy Haircut. 

A short shag haircut is more than just spiky, shaggy layers. You may make your short shag as edgy or as relaxed as you choose. This one is simple and stylish.

4. Shaggy Two-Tone Mullet. 

What could be more perfect than a scruffy pixie? A pixie mullet in two colors! This gorgeous contrast-based hairstyle will turn heads every time you leave the house.

5. Copper Shag with Babylights. 

Why not attempt mild copper colours if your natural hair color is light brown or dark blonde? The switch to the new hue will be simple! Furthermore, a shag hairstyle complements it well.

6. Short Shag with Wispy Layers. 

This one, for example, offers a light romantic touch to your outfit, reminding you of the fresh wind and sun regardless of the weather!

7. Silver Blonde Shaggy Bob. 

A shag cut looks fantastic on blonde hair, and the frosted blonde is the ideal finishing touch! Shaggy layers will give your hair structure and volume.

8. Chin-Length Shaggy Cut. 

Short shag hairstyles have the ability to be textured and dimension-filled. Adding some shine-boosting highlights may help to improve this feature even further.

9. Bright Shaggy Mullet. 

A mullet in a bright hue is one of the most uncommon edgy short shaggy haircut. The strong cut balances the richness of the pink hue.

10. Shaggy Bob Haircut with Bangs. 

Try this hairstyle if you want to blend a tomboy appearance with a feminine style. This unkempt look with shaggy layers emphasizes your rebellious side, while the bangs soften facial features.

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