12 Sporty Gym Hairstyles For Short Hair

1. Space Buns/Double Buns

Want to work out in style? Elegant double buns inspired by Janelle Monae will not allow it. This style is easy to imitate. Make ponytails with your hair. 

2. Half Up Half Down Bun

To replicate this look, gather your hair and put it into a high ponytail. To construct a loop, wrap the hairband twice and pull the hair halfway through the third time. It's all done!

3. Faux Mohawk

Ri-Ri pulls off any hairstyle she tries. If you're sick of wearing your short hair down, try this gym hawk. Make sure you apply enough hair gel and spray to keep your hair in place.

4. High Ponytail With Head Band

This is a no-styling hairstyle for lazy days. Tie a high ponytail and add a bright headband like Serena Williams. Hair will not fall out and hinder your workout.

5. Side-Swept Waves With One Side Shaved

You may use volumizing mousse to tease and set your hair. To create an asymmetrical appearance, flip them over. Finally, smooth or tousle your hair.

6. Bun With Headband

Texturize your hair and tuck it back into a little bun to get Jess' sweat-proof hairstyle. Tease your hair to provide seductive volume. 

7. Topknot

Make a messy bun with your hair to get this look! Use hair ties and pins liberally, and for short flyaways, use an anti-frizz spray or a headband.

8. Side Braided Pony

Nelly Furtado's side braided pony is stunning and will keep your hair in place as you exercise. Win-win! To replicate the style, part your hair down the center.

9. Curly Bun

Curly buns, like model Shalom Harlow's, are great gym hairstyles for short curls because they keep hair out of your face. For a relaxed pool hairstyle, pull your hair back and wrap it into a bun.

10. Piece-y Pixie

Try Jane Fonda's pixie for a lovely workout-friendly hairstyle. If you're not sure about your piece-y pixie, a no-slip headband is ideal for all those poses.

11. Messy Bun

Wrap your hair behind your head and up off your face to mimic her two-toned hairstyle. Avoid being too organized. We agree!

12. Shaggy Bob

During non-sweaty activities like skeleton racing and yoga, this side-swept shaggy bob keeps hair out of your face.

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