12 Stylish ‘60s Hairstyles You Need To Try Out!

1. Subtle Bouffant With A Headband

This delicate bouffant is excellent for a traditional, pulled-together appearance or a nostalgic vibe. Its simplicity and accessibility make this style beautiful.

2. Faux Bob With Bangs

Fringe and bangs provide appeal to every style, from antique to contemporary. You may have a bob without cutting your lengthy hair with this style. 

3. Low Ponytail With Pouf

In the 1960s, ponytails were popular. The ponytails were either very high or low mod. The low ponytail with a pouf has become a retro photographic staple.

4. The Beehive

The 1960s beehive hairdo is famous. It has survived, inspiring red carpet and wedding outfits, although maybe not as high. A beehive is always a good choice for retro styling.

5. The Gibson Roll

The Gibson Roll, a Victorian hairstyle, was fashionable in the 1960s. One of the most romantic updos ever. Easy to do and lovely.

6. Headscarf

Adding a scarf enhances your style. It's no surprise the scarf is classic. Secret: it's great for oily hair. It hides your oily roots yet shows off your hair.

7. Bumper Bangs

This was originally done on a hairdo without bangs to create a false bang. You're ready with bumper bangs and retro curls or a high ponytail!

8. Victory Rolls

Victory rolls, popular in the 1940s, had a huge reappearance in the 1960s. Your hair looks sculpted and perfect. No surprise they were big then and today.

9. Hair Flip

Jackie Kennedy immortalized the hair flip. In the 1960s, most women wore a bouffant with flipped ends. This was the 1960s hairstyle.

10. The Brigitte Bardot Half Updo

Brigette Bardot became famous for her beauty. But her half-updo is her most beloved. Every woman wants volume and length in a hairdo.

11. Big Bouffant

Big bouffants were popular in the 1960s. They matched most hairstyles. Lots of photographs show ladies with bouffants, ponytails, buns, or down hair.

12. Marilyn Monroe Blonde Curls

Oh, Marilyn Monroe! She was desired by men and women alike. Women everywhere emulated her blonde curls. They remained legendary following her hair cut.

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