8 Easy And Tasty One-Tin Desserts ANYONE Can Make

Pistachio fridge cake

It's layered with flavour and texture: crunchy toasted seeds, pops of sharpness from dried cranberries, bitter-sweet pistachios, the warmth of ginger snap cookies and rich dark chocolate.

Peanut butter caramel brownies

Stirring crunchy peanut butter into a brownie mixture is a great idea as the peanut butter adds a pleasing savoury note and texture.

Dark chocolate and cherry bake

Baked in a lined tin, it's light and fluffy with a crusty top and delicious flavour thanks to chunks of juicy cherries and bitter dark chocolate – simply perfection.

Sourdough brownies

It replaces the flour in a typical brownie recipe (a starter is made up of flour and water) and gives a squidgy, moist, deliciously dense result.

Chocolate and courgette cake

A healthier but still decadent brownie, this recipe incorporates grated courgette which adds a moist texture. The mix also includes warming spices like cardamom, cinnamon and nutmeg.

Salted peanut chocolate fudge

These dark chocolate and peanut butter fudge bites will look like they're made by a professional, with very little effort.

Grapefruit meringue pie

The custard filling is spiked with sharp grapefruit juice and zest, and topped with a sweet and soft layer of toasted meringue.

Blackberry and pistachio cake

We know nuts and berries are a winning combination and in this dense, rich blackberry cake, the pistachio adds an almost baklava-like flavour. It's best eaten the day it is made on account of the fruit.