8 Fastest Growing Succulents For The Home Garden

Jade plant

Jade is without a doubt one of the fastest and best growing succulents in the plant world. With its thick, fleshy leaves, and the beautiful outgrowths, Jade plants are a beauty to behold.

Aloe vera

Another very popular, easily available, and fast growing succulents is the Aloe vera plant. It can be grown and propagated easily and lives for a long time.


A beautiful, flowy succulent, Sedum is also one of the fastest growing. Sedums come in various colours and sizes and are very easy to propagate and fill in the empty spaces.


This succulent is famous for the rosette-shaped leaves and different colours it comes in. Echeverias are relatively fast-growing succulents, especially when provided with the right conditions and look great at home and in workspaces.


The Kalanchoe succulents are famous for growing fast, producing some of the most colourful flowers, and look extremely similar to an ordinary plant.


A beautiful succulent, with perfect leaves and patterns is the Houseleek. With a beautiful green and red colour in some of the varieties, the Houseleek has small, rosette-forming leaves that quickly spread in the garden.


A large number of succulents come in the Crassulas category and they are all pretty fast growing. Make sure to give them bright, indirect light and a well-draining soil.

​Elephant bush

Looking extremely similar to the Jade is the Elephant bush succulent. It is a fast-growing succulent with small, glossy leaves that look like the ears of an elephant.