8 Foods That Are NOT As Healthy As You Think

Breakfast bars

Like to lean on cereal bars when life gets busy? Sadly, according to Caroline, they're the worst breakfast decision you can make.

Crunchy banana chips

These natural-looking snacks are certainly delicious, but they're not as healthy as you might think. Though they're usually found in the dried fruit aisle in supermarkets.

Cheap plant milks

"There are some great plant milks with minimal ingredients, but always look at the back of the carton," says Caroline.

Complete meal drinks

Meal replacement shakes may take the faff out of maintaining a balanced diet – but though their nutrient lists are impressive.

Diet sodas

Diet pop may be better for you than full-sugar fizz, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's a 'good' choice.

Flavoured rice cakes

These super-light cereal snacks can feel like a handy option when you want to keep hunger pangs at bay, but the empty calories are delivering none of the nutrients your body requires.

Fruit yogurts

Quite a few things, as it turns out! "A cup of fruit yogurt can have 10 oz (30g) of sugar – that's 7.5 tsp, or the same as a chocolate bar," points out Caroline.

Gluten-free bakes

Research conducted by the British Dental Journal found that gluten-free products generally contain more calories, carbs and sugar than their standard counterparts.