8 Of The Worst Eating Habits You Need To Stop NOW

Skipping breakfast

We get it; mornings can be hectically busy. But if there's no place in your pre-work schedule for a nutritious breakfast, you're really missing a trick.

Chewing noisily

Ask around and you'll find that loud munching is one of the most reviled eating habits of all. For people with a condition called misophonia – a phobia of repetitive noises.

Eating on the move

Studies published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition have indicated that if you're distracted while you are eating – whether that's because you're walking, working or watching TV.

Always ordering the combo meal

They may offer better value for money, but when you're eating on the go, do your best to resist the call of the combo or value meal.

Emotional eating

When you've had a bad day, it can be tempting to raid the freezer for some ice cream, drown your sorrows in chocolate, or veg out with a few too many savoury snacks.

Seasoning with salt without tasting food first

It's often instinctive to reach for the pepper and salt before trying food first. While it's fine to add extra seasoning if you really need it, it makes sense to try before you apply.

Filling up on bread before the main meal

If you're trying to eat healthier, an overflowing breadbasket can be one temptation too far. A good idea is to go for either bread on the side, or bread as a starter – but not both.

Having cheese before dessert

It's brave to have a culinary argument with the French, but it's better for you to leave cheese until last, rather than sandwich it between your main course and dessert.