8 Puzzling Food And Drink Mysteries Solved

Why does skimmed milk make more froth than whole milk?

When it comes to adding a frothy top to your coffee, skimmed milk will give you the most foam with larger air bubbles.

Why does Swiss cheese have holes?

Swiss cheese (Emmental) gets its famous holes from bacteria known as P. shermanii that are added to the milk before formation of the curds.

What causes brain freeze?

Brain freeze happens when blood vessels in the roof of your mouth rapidly constrict when cold food or drink, like ice cream, touches it, and then dilate again rapidly due to a heat stimulus.

Why do cut apples go brown?

Oxygen in the air activates enzymes in apple flesh. These enzymes trigger natural plant chemicals called polyphenols to start producing melanins.

And why do hard-boiled eggs sometimes smell so bad?

As with the grey ring around the cooked yolk, it's also down to a reaction between sulphur in the egg whites and iron in the yolk.

Why does bread dry out but biscuits go soft?

A loaf of bread will harden over time due to a process called starch retrogradation, which involves the starch giving up the water it absorbed during the baking process.

How does salt increase blood pressure?

Salt attracts water, so when you eat a salty diet it increases the amount of water retained by the body. This in turn can increase the volume of the blood, raising the pressure in blood vessels.

How can seedless grapes reproduce?

Seedless grapes aren’t actually completely seedless, but have naturally mutated to have fewer and smaller seeds, without a tough coat.