8 Signs You Need To Raise Your Standards When It Comes To Love

If you're frequently unhappy in your relationship, it's an obvious clue that something isn't right. 

1. You feel pretty miserable

This could be emotional requirements such as understanding and support, or practical needs such as housework assistance.

2. Your Needs Are Regularly Ignored

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Making excuses for your partner's bad behavior indicates that you are lowering your standards.

4. You Make Excuses for Their Behavior

If you're regularly weary after spending time with your spouse or thinking about your relationship, it's time to rethink your situation. 

5. You always feel Drained around them

Trust is an essential component of any healthy relationship. If you continuously doubt your partner's words or conduct, or if they seem to doubt you, you have a problem that has to be addressed. 

6. There’s a serious Lack of Trust

Friends and family can sometimes provide helpful outside opinions on your relationship. If they raise worries, it is worthwhile to explore their points of view. 

7. Your Friends and Family Have Concerns

It's a warning flag if you find yourself trying to change essential components of your personality or beliefs to fit into the relationship. 

8. You Feel the Need to Change Yourself

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