8 Strange Animal Facts For Curious Minds

Koalas have fingerprints

Koalas are the only members of the marsupial family to have fingerprints, similar to gorillas and chimpanzees (primates).

Giraffes hum

The peculiar morphology of a giraffe's neck led many to believe that these animals could not make sounds. However, scientists at the University of Vienna have discovered that giraffes communicate by humming.

Sloths digest food for a month

Because sloths have stomachs similar to those of ruminants, they take a long time to digest their meals. Foods that sloths eat regularly pass more quickly through their digestive systems.

Giant pandas have a unique mating ritual

Getting pandas in captivity to reproduce is notoriously difficult. In the wild, pandas have a very particular mating season.

Magpies are self-aware

It was believed that only primates, primarily, could recognize themselves in a mirror. Magpies can not only recognize themselves, they can also distinguish between themselves and their reflections!

Orangutans are carpenters

To construct a bed that will support its weight, an orangutan selects branches, cuts them, and weaves them together using a special technique.

Otters hold hands while sleeping

To avoid drifting apart while sleeping, sea otters within the same clan or family (mother and baby) sleep paw in paw. This behaviour also protects them from predator attacks.

Wombats have cubic excrement

While the end result is plain to see, the cause continues to fascinate scientists. Why do wombats have cubic poop? Intestinal grooves and a need to absorb all available water could be part of the answer.