8 Unique Pets To Keep In Home Aquarium Apart From Fishes


Keeping snails in freshwater aquariums is actually beneficial as they help with algae control by eating them. Some snail species that are commonly kept in aquariums are: nerite snails, mystery snails, and assassin snails.


Axolotl are unique amphibians and they are known for their fascinating regenerative abilities. They need cool and clean water to survive.

Freshwater shrimp

Shrimps act as excellent tank cleaners as they eat all the leftover fish food in aquariums. Shrimp varieties like Cherry Shrimp and Ghost Shrimp are often kept in home aquariums.

Aquatic turtles

Turtle species like the Red-Eared Slider and Painted Turtle are popularly kept in aquariums. However, do note that they need a well-filtered tank along with a basking area and UV lighting to rest when out of water.

Sea monkeys

Brine shrimps are commonly called sea monkeys. They are small, fascinating creatures and are easy to care for. They can be an educational experience for many.


Species like Fiddler Crabs and Red Claw Crabs can live in aquariums, but they do need access to both water and land.

Marimo moss ball

While it is not a traditional pet, many people-- especially in Japan and now in other countries-- keep Marimo Moss balls in containers filled with water or in aquariums.

Aquatic frogs

While unusual in India, African Dwarf Frogs are a popular aquatic pet choice in many Western countries. They are fully aquatic and are relatively easy to care for.