9 Best Dog Breeds for Families

The breed excels at hunting, displaying, dock diving, tracking, and obedience.

Labrador Retriever

The wrinkled Bulldog is a great pet for kids.


The Beagle's early development is unknown, having no trustworthy documentation.


Healthy, smart, and lively, the Brussels Griffon is a companion. Interaction, movement, and mental stimulation fuel him.

Brussels Griffon

Urbanites love French Bulldogs, one of the world's most popular little dogs. 

French Bulldog

The breed has a small, square body with well-developed and thick muscles and a fine, glossy coat in fawn or black.


The Newfoundland must have his famous intelligence, devotion, and sweetness.


The energetic Irish Setter likes outdoor activities and is trainable, making it ideal for busy families.

Irish Setter

A Collie would be best suited for an active family as they are high-energy and love to move around.

Border Collie

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