9 Dog Breeds That Love Outdoor Adventures

These Siberian dogs thrive in frigid conditions, making them great snowdogs.


Australian Cattle Dogs are hardy, athletic, intelligent, and protective, born to drive cattle over the desert.

Australian Cattle Dog

These strong, muscular canines can tolerate the heat and are wonderful desert trekking and mountain biking companions.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

They were bred to herd fish into nets and rescue shipwreck gear.

Portuguese Waterdog

For long or difficult hikes, this breed has limitless vitality.


Hungarian sportsmen are proud of Vizslas, sturdy but stylish athletes prepared for long days in the field.


The Bernese Mountain Dog is a terrific outdoor companion, especially in cooler weather.

Bernese Mountain Dog

The German Shorthaired Pointer was designed to hunt and retrieve pheasants and quail.

German Shorthaired Pointer

Their webbed paws make them good swimmers, and they were initially bred to retrieve ducks for hunters.

Labrador Retriever

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