9 Funniest Dog Breeds 

They are popular due to their outgoing personalities and zany behaviors. 

Labrador Retriever

English Bulldogs are famous for their zany behavior and desire for center stage.

English Bulldog

Corgis are always ready to play, but they can entertain themselves as well.


The French Bulldog's playfulness will entertain owners for hours. 

French Bulldog

The Boxer will play a game with or without you, and their zeal will rub off on you.


This small treasure explodes with humor and wit when you need a laugh.

Yorkshire Terrier

Bull Terriers are family-friendly and always looking for the last laugh.

Bull Terrier 

Their intelligence helps them play fantastic games.

Border Collie

They love to have fun and will do anything foolish to grab your attention.

Siberian Husky

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