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9 Jobs Of The Future


As the global population continues to rise, so will the need for medical professionals. With many countries already facing a dire shortage of physicians

Medical researchers

While this is in the same field as the previously mentioned doctors, it seemed necessary to include medical researchers here following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cybersecurity pros

As the world shifts increasingly online, and the rate of remote workers rises considerably, the need for increased cybersecurity.

Conservation scientists

Sustainability has quickly become one of the business world’s most important topics.


With chain restaurants becoming less popular as newer generations have less brand loyalty than their parents

Graphic designers

Continuing with the trend of the workforce moving more online, the demand for graphic designers will continue to rise alongside digital marketing efforts.


With animation comes a lesser demand for set production or location shooting, often making it a cheaper option for producers.

Voice actors

Similarly to animators, voice actors are likely to see an increase in demand as the cost and time needed to produce animated content continues to decline.

Game designers

“Gamer” is no longer a dirty word used to bully nerds, and as the hobby becomes mainstream the industry will only continue to grow.