9 Longest-Living Cat Breeds

Dental and respiratory issues plague Siamese cats, but they are otherwise healthy. The usual lifespan is 12–20 years.


These cats like people and demand to be treated as family. Some breeds are prone to heart problems, yet most live 12–15 years.

Egyptian Mau

The breed is healthy, however some cats get bladder stones and heart illness. Its average lifespan is 15 years or more.


Burmese are prone to glaucoma and cranial abnormalities. Myanmar's average lifetime is 16–18 years despite these health issues. 


People-friendly Savannah cats exist. Their temperaments are unpredictable, lively, and daring. The hybrid breed lives 12–20 years and is healthy.

Savannah Cat

Short muzzle, heart illness, and excessive ripping cause respiratory issues in the breed. It lives 12–16 years on average.


This breed is prone to heart, neurological, and skin diseases. It lives 10–15 years on average.


The Balinese may have been a spontaneous Siamese longhaired mutation. On average, the breed lives 12–20 years.


These cats normally entertain themselves and don't need attention. Although healthy, most can develop heart disease. Typically, the breed lives 15–20 years.

American Shorthair

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