9 Most Energetic Dog Breeds

Herder Australian Shepherds may run nonstop all play session. 

 Australian Shepherd

Belgian Malinois enjoy learning and performing tracking skills. 

Belgian Malinois

As long as you're their favorite, Brittanys will do anything.


They love hiking, running, and playing and are still sporty.


Their intelligence makes them superb watchdogs and trainable.

Doberman Pinscher

Weimaraners are energetic but may relax at home. 


As sighthounds, vizslas will sprint full speed until they catch something of interest. 


Energetic and mischievous, Siberian Huskies will keep you on edge. 

Siberian Husky

Irish Setters, a sports breed, work hard, play hard, and cuddle after a day, making them great family pets.

Irish Setter

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