9 Things Starbucks Employees Won’t Tell You

Reward your birthday to make it happier. On your birthday, Starbucks will give you practically any drink, meal, or bottled beverage for free.

Birthday reward

At Starbucks, a cup of filtered water is offered at no cost.

Free Water

Free refills of brewed coffee or tea are available, but not Frappuccinos or lattes.

Free refills

That's not a mermaid in the company logo. Greek mythology's sirens persuaded mariners to crash their ships on rocks with their haunting songs.

Starbucks' logo isn't mermaid

You know Starbucks' "Stars," rewards program where you can get free goods.

You can earn Stars for groceries

Starbucks doesn't have a keto drink menu, but you can still enjoy a nice low-carb drink

Starbucks makes keto drinks

You can buy one drink and get another for free. It complements espresso, Frappuccinos, seasonal drinks, iced teas, cold coffees, and nitro drinks. 

Starbucks has a happy hour

If you bring your own reusable, clean cup to Starbucks, they'll discount your purchase by 10 cents.

Simple way to save 10 cents on a drink

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