9 Things You Shouldn't Keep in Your Vehicle

Lotion and lip balm should not be kept in your automobile for smooth hands and lips.

Cosmetics and Lotions

Melting crayons and leaking markers can make a disaster in your automobile.

Crayons and Markers

Overheated batteries can catch fire, causing injury and automotive damage.


Remove all excess paper to quickly clean your car's inside.

Coupons and Receipts

Create some storage to store your belongings between weekend warrior trips, and you may be astonished to see the bottom of your trunk again.

Outdoor Gear

Having one or two on hand for errands is helpful, but you don't need a mountain.

Too Many Reusable Totes

Take your sweaty clothes and sneakers in from the car unless you like mold removal.

Gym Clothes and Sneakers

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