9 Too-Bizarre Starbucks Drinks That Flopped Big Time

Butterscotch Latte:

The smoky flavor of butterscotch and coffee didn't work in this drink.

Sparkling Drinks:

Starbucks' Fizzio collection comprised spicy root beer and golden ginger ale.

Maple macchiato:

Due to its artificial sweetness, this maple-coffee combo was met with mixed reviews.

Cherry Blossom

The cherry blossom-inspired flavor and pink appearance of this limited-edition drink didn't appeal to the public.

Orange Refresher: 

Starbucks' coffee-loving customers didn't like the acidic citrus drink.


This drink tried to taste like horchata, a rice-based drink. The flavor combination disappointed customers.

Purple Yam

This Asian drink included purple yam with cheesecake. The fascinating taste didn't catch on globally.


Honeycomb and lavender may have been too daring for others, making the drink unpopular.

Banana Split:

The iconic dessert was turned into a coffee drink, however the tastes didn't work.

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