America's Top Hot Dog Joints, From Hip To Hole-In-The-Wall

Known for its creative toppings and unique combinations, Crif Dogs offers a variety of delicious hot dogs, including their famous bacon-wrapped dog.

Crif Dogs

A Hollywood institution, Pink's has been serving up iconic hot dogs since 1939. Their menu features a wide range of toppings and specialty creations.

Pink's Hot Dogs

A classic drive-in joint, Superdawg is famous for its retro charm and delicious Chicago-style hot dogs. Don't forget to try their crinkle-cut fries!

Superdawg Drive-In 

A New York City institution, Gray's Papaya is renowned for its affordable and tasty hot dogs, often enjoyed with their signature papaya drink.

Gray's Papaya 

Hot Doug's gained a cult following for its gourmet sausages and adventurous toppings. Though it closed in 2014, its impact on the hot dog scene remains.

Hot Doug's

An iconic drive-in and fast-food joint, The Varsity is known for its chili dogs and vibrant atmosphere. It has been serving hungry customers since 1928.

The Varsity 

With locations in Los Angeles and Venice Beach, Wurstkuche offers a variety of gourmet sausages, including exotic options like rattlesnake and rabbit.


A true American hot dog institution, Nathan's Famous has been serving up its famous hot dogs since 1916. It's a must-visit for hot dog lovers.

Nathan's Famous