Best Cities for Gay Men in the World

This vibrant city in the heart of Spain provides easy access for LGBT expats to neighboring Portugal, France, and the rest of the European Union.

Madrid, Spain

Norway has a thriving LGBTQ culture, and Oslo is home to the country's largest Pride celebration and one of the best homosexual choirs in the world.

Oslo, Norway

Known for warm winters and hot summers, this big Spanish metropolis has many gay stores, clubs, and nightclubs.

Barcelona, Spain

DJ Station is one of Bangkok's best gay clubs for late-night life.

Bangkok, Thailand

Argentina's first married lesbian pair built a gay retirement center for golden-age LGBT foreigners.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Gay expats from the U.S. have long visited Puerto Vallarta for its Pacific beaches and hospitable ambiance.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Amsterdam Pride is the country's signature festival, honoring its cultural diversity and liberality.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Human rights legislation in Brazil support homosexual marriage and gender identity, making it a top queer country.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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