Best Prom Hairstyles for Your Star Sign

Aries : Hawk Hair

For a go-getter like you, a theatrical updo shows off your style. Ribbon in brilliant temporary highlights at the nape to complement your electric-hued cat-eye for this eveningwear rockabilly pouf.

Taurus: Crown Braids

Tonight's the moment to show off one of 2020's hottest prom hairstyles—braids. A gorgeous, Instagram-worthy crown braid.

Gemini : Faux Shave

Unsure about your hairstyle? Why not do both with a fashionable, sleek fake side shave for that epic after-party? With a kohl liner that smudges just right, smoke your eyes.

Cancer : Swingy Pony

Like you, this bouncy, blown-out high ponytail is lovely, cheery, and angst-free. With pop-pink blush and glittery bubblegum-hued gloss, you're ready to go crazy in the photo booth with your besties!

Leo : Dramatic Disco Curls

Make place for the dancing queen—your hair needs a zip code! A head of 1970s disco diva curls, bright makeup, and glossy lipstick keep the attention on you.

Virgo : Chic Side-Chignon

We're talking about your fancy updated bun, which is the epitome of understated sexy and leaves no space for rookie mistakes. This makes it one of the easiest prom hairstyles to emulate.

Libra : Razor-Sleek Pony

A sleek, shining, sharp-as-your-wit deep ponytail complements fashionable dresses and beautiful cosmetics. This gorgeous, Instagram-worthy haircut will turn heads tonight, as it does in daylight.

Scorpio : Reality Star Ringlets

You handle daily drama well and never do anything halfway, so prom night must be spectacular! Modern bombshells have big, sensual curls and heavy artificial eyelashes.

Sagittarius : Crimped Half-Pony

You can hot-step the crimp trend tonight if you're unorthodox. Glitter lips and a double half-updo elevate it.

Capricorn : French Twist

Prom night is an exception to your businesslike nature. You won't choose a messy hairstyle either. You're choosing a top prom hairdo!

Aquarius : Baby Beehive

Your love of retro prom hairstyles is a joke. You love a matte lip with a trendy beehive and the sharpest cat-eye.

Pisces : Romantic Waves

Your typical long, cascading waves need an Old Hollywood twist for tonight's prom hairstyles. Brushed-out ringlets over one shoulder highlight your sparkling décolleté and kissable lips.