Burger King Launched 2 New Ice Cream

While many large fast-food restaurants are rooted in the US, they often debut crave-worthy new menu items exclusively in Canada that leave Americans with FOMO.

The Chicken Big Mac and Chipotle BBQ Quarter Pounder are examples of McDonald's Canadian-only offerings.

The Egg BLT breakfast sandwich was Wendy's latest Canada exclusive. Burger King's American consumers have missed poutine,

Burger King Canada launched its Oreo BK Blast and Smarties BK Blast on Twitter yesterday, providing Canadians two more chilled dessert alternatives for summer.

Similar to the McDonald's McFlurry or Dairy Queen Blizzard, the vanilla ice cream desserts are combined with their sugary toppings.

In contrast to American Smarties, which are cylindrical stacks of crunchy fruit-flavored candies, Burger King's Nestlé-brand Smarties are candy-coated chocolate pieces.

At one Burger King in Toronto, the Oreo and Smarties BK Blast flavors cost $2.99. According to Burger King Canada,

BK Blasts are now unavailable in the US, but Burger King is offering two cinematic-themed limited-time offerings. In conjunction with the June 2 release

of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Burger King is selling a "Spider-Verse" Whopper and Sundae. A flame-grilled beef patties,

melted Swiss cheese, and Whopper toppings are on a red bun with black sesame seeds. Vanilla soft-serve ice cream