Coca-Cola Is Launching a New Mystery Flavor Next Week

From green tea-flavored Coke in Japan in 2009 to coffee-infused cola drinks in the US in 2021, Coca-Cola has released unusual soda flavors. 

CNN says that Coca-Cola will release a League of Legends-inspired limited-edition flavor next week. 

Since Coca-Cola Ultimate is being purposely mysterious, its flavor is unknown.

Coca-Cola has only stated that the drink tastes like "experience points," which League of Legends players gain by playing.

League of Legends players can also win Coca-Cola Ultimate emotes by completing certain goals.

This limited-edition gamer-focused drink, designed by Riot Games, will hit US and Canadian retailers on June 12.

Coca-Cola Creations, a line of limited-edition mystery tastes, will include Coca-Cola Ultimate.

The series began in early 2022 with Starlight, inspired by the "infinite possibilities of space" and offering a "cooling taste sensation."

It has also released a pixel-flavored drink called Byte, a human imagination-inspired Dreamworld flavor, and limited edition Coca-Cola

"They are not designed to be variants that will last forever, but they are more engaging and interesting demonstrably than a flavor, a Coke with vanilla or something."