Crazy Beach Finds That Will Blow Your Mind

Giant pipes, England, UK

Morning walkers were greeted with a curious sight in August 2017 when vast sections of a plastic pipe were washed up on the sands between Winterton-on-Sea and Sea Palling in Norfolk.

Toy eggs, Germany

Children on Germany's North Sea island Langeoog thought the Easter bunny had come early in January 2017 as thousands of colourful plastic eggs floated onto its sandy beaches.

Hairballs, Australia and Europe

The fibrous remains of the foliage can often wash up on seashores, especially after stormy weather, in large round clumps.

Ice balls, Lake Michigan, USA

In the frigid depths of winter a strange phenomenon occurs in Lake Michigan. Perfectly formed ice balls can be seen floating in the water and lying along the shoreline of the Great Lake.

Sea cucumbers, Cook Islands

If you go down to the beach on the Cook Islands, you might be in for a big surprise… sea cucumbers. Lots of them.

Crude oil, Thailand

A thick oil slick also floated off the shoreline. A huge clean-up operation was deployed with soldiers and volunteers working to clear the hazardous site.

Heavy timber, England, UK

Masses of heavy timber washed ashore in Dorset in January 2008 after the MV Ice Prince, a 328-foot (100m) Greek-registered cargo ship, sank in the English Channel.

Valuable cargo, England, UK

The usually deserted Branscombe Beach, a stretch of shingle along the Jurassic Coast in Devon, was a scene of unusual activity on a cold day in January 2007.