Create 8 Festive Holiday Feast To Remember

Roast Turkey with Herb Butter

A delicious roast turkey is a classic centerpiece. To give the bird a golden, herb-y exterior, rub it with herb butter. Use homemade gravy for a classic touch.

Cranberry and Orange Glazed Ham

Cranberry and orange glazed ham adds sweetness and zest to your meal. Fruity glaze and salty ham provide a delightful contrast.

Herb-Roasted Vegetables

Herb-roasted vegetables enhance side dishes. For a bright and tasty side, mix carrots, Brussels sprouts, and potatoes with olive oil, garlic, and herbs.

Wild Rice and Mushroom Stuffing

Wild rice and mushrooms improve the stuffing. The earthiness of mushrooms and the nuttiness of wild rice give this classic side dish depth.

Sweet Potato Casserole with Pecan Topping

A crispy pecan topping elevates sweet potato casserole, a holiday favorite. Bake till golden brown for a tasty texture mix.

Homemade Cranberry Sauce

Use fresh cranberries, orange zest, and cinnamon to make cranberry sauce instead of canned. It adds flavor to main dishes.

Pumpkin Cheesecake with Gingersnap Crust

Finish with pumpkin cheesecake to wow the guests. The gingersnap crust spices up the creamy pumpkin filling, making it the perfect supper finale.

Festive Mulled Wine

Mulled wine will warm the festivities. Red wine with cinnamon, cloves, and orange peel makes a festive drink.