Astonishing Facts about Giant Dog Breeds

They can eat as much as 8 cups of high-quality dog food every day, so always have some on hand.

Massive Appetites

The Tibetan Mastiff typically weighs more than 90 kg due to its large stature. 

Weighty Matters

Royals have adored giant dogs. It is commonly known that King Charles II of England loved big breeds, especially King Charles Spaniels.

Historical Royalty

Unfortunately, many big breeds live shorter lives than smaller canines. 

Shortened Lifespan

The Leonberger's lion-like mane and Neapolitan Mastiff's loose, wrinkled skin are peculiar to big breeds.

Unique Physical Traits

Bernese Mountain Dogs need regular grooming due to their thick undercoat and extended topcoat.

Double Coat Drama

Giant dog breeds like the Tibetan Mastiff and Irish Wolfhound have protected, hunted, and accompanied societies for thousands of years.

Ancient Origins

The English Mastiff has the most puppies, 24 in one litter.

Biggest Litter

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Tail Wagging Heights

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