How to Apply Liquid Blush Like a Pro Makeup Artist

Clean slate: 

Cleanse and moisturize your face. Apply foundation and concealer before blush.

Shade selection: 

Choose a liquid blush that matches your skin tone and style. Choose colors that match your cheeks.

Skin prep: 

Before blushing, prep your skin. Clean, moisturized, and oil-blotted. Lightly dust transparent powder over foundation for a matte finish.

Shake product: 

Dropper or pump bottles hold liquid blushes. Shake the product to evenly distribute pigments.

Small dose: 

A little liquid blush goes a long way. If needed, add extra.

Apply blush: 

Dot or swipe liquid blush. Dot the blush on your cheekbones for the dotting technique.

Mix it: 

Blend blush with a clean makeup sponge, blush brush, or fingertips. Apply the product to the cheeks with small circular strokes.

Increase intensity: 

Allow the initial blush application to dry somewhat before applying a second layer for a deeper hue. 

If required: 

Avoid dulling the radiance by sparingly applying powder with a fluffy brush.

Last touches: 

To finish your makeup, use bronzer, highlighter, and setting spray after blush.