Only Baby Boomers Will Remember These Things!

Black-and-white television

The first television most baby boomers had was a black-and-white model that received only a handful of channels, and some of those not very well.

TV test pattern

In the early days of television, programming wasn’t a 24-hour thing. When a network closed for the day or there was a disruption to service, the RCA “Indian Head” test pattern would often be displayed.

Rotary telephone

Baby boomer kids dreaded phone numbers with lots of sevens, eights and nines. That’s because these highest numbers were the last ones on the rotary dials of old telephones.

Bicycle with banana seat

As a baby boomer kid, it was the height of cool to have a bicycle with a long “banana” seat and high-rise handlebars, making you feel as if you were driving a chopper.

Balsa wood airplane

Balsa wood gliders and airplanes powered by rubber bands were a popular toy for baby boomers, soaring in the skies of their schoolyards.

Bell bottoms

Bell-bottom pants, or more conservative flares, became a popular fashion item in the 1960s and ’70s.

Tie-dyed T-shirt

In the psychedelic 1960s and ’70s, the far-out colours of the tie-dyed T-shirt made it as iconic a fashion statement as bell bottoms and miniskirts.

Granny glasses

Granny glasses, also known as Ben Franklin glasses, started popping up in the mid-1960s in California.