5 Popular Beverage Is Great for Your Skin

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If you spend any time in the beauty shops or following influencers on Instagram or TikTok, you know that there seems to be a new buzzy skincare ingredient every day. 

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We've seen everything from fruit to honey to CBD to matcha in the past few years. Some of these can help our skin, but most of them don't do enough.

Coffee can do wonders for your skin.

Your morning cup of joe does more than energize you for your day—it can also improve your skin.


Coffee can protect against skin cancer.

The best thing about your coffee habit for your skin is that drinking coffee is linked to a lower chance of skin cancers.


Coffee can pep up the under-eye area.

Coffee also has an aesthetic effect on the skin, thanks largely to the caffeine in it.


Here's the scoop on coffee-based skincare products.

You may have seen some coffee-based skincare products on the market and wondered what dermatologists think of them.


But you can also use coffee in DIY skincare.

Even if you don't invest in coffee-based skincare, you can still get in on the ingredient.


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