Prettiest Ways to Get Soft Curtain Bangs over 50

Wispy Curtain Bangs 

Choose delicate, wispy curtain bangs to flatter the face.

Layered curtain bangs: 

Add texture and dimension with curtain bangs and hair layers.

Side-Swept Curtain Bangs: 

Make your curtain bangs longer and sweep them to the side for a stylish look.

Rounded Curtain

To soften your features, have your hairdresser circle your curtain bangs.

Curled Curtain Bangs 

To seem romantic and graceful, curl your curtain bangs away from your face.

Long Bob: 

Long bob hairstyles look great with curtain bangs.

Shoulder-Length Hair: 

Shoulder-length hair looks great with soft curtain bangs.

Layers and Waves 

For a carefree look, pair soft curtain bangs with layered, wavy hair.

Center Part: 

Part your hair in the middle and let your soft curtain bangs gracefully drape on each side of your face.


Curtain bangs frame your face and highlight your best features.

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