Ranked: Our Favourite Frozen Foods EVER


Fresh cherries have a short season and spoil quickly, so enterprising growers came up with the idea of freezing their surplus. What's more, they are already pitted for you and are still high in vitamins A and C.

Roast potatoes

Frozen roast potatoes first appeared commercially in the UK in 1999, from the brand Aunt Bessie's. They are cooked from frozen in around 25 minutes and give a perfectly crisp exterior and a fluffy interior.


In 1905, 11-year-old Frank Epperson left a cup with powdered soda, water and a stirring stick on his porch in San Francisco. Cold overnight temperatures caused it to freeze, and his 'Epsicle' was born.


Highly nutritious, broccoli is one of the top-sellers in the frozen vegetable market. Convenient and quick to prepare, it can be served as a side on its own, added to soups, quiches and salads, in a stir-fry or roasted.


You can find frozen onions chopped or sliced, perfect for sensitive eyes or time-poor cooks. But the best ones of all are frozen pearl or pickling onions, which are fiddly to peel.


Raspberries are frozen within a few hours of picking, so retain all their nutritional content. Fresh raspberries don't have a long fridge life, so it's worth having a bag in the freezer.


Top-quality frozen scallops are a great buy, as they are seasonal and often hard to track down fresh. Remember to defrost them in the refrigerator before using, then pat them dry before cooking.


Whether it's breakfast goods, bread or pizza dough, this section of the freezer aisle has grown remarkably over the past 20 years, becoming ever more innovative and exciting.