Rarest and Most Peculiar Cat Breeds

The Scottish fold is identified by its cute folded ears. Its round, marble-like eyes, usually yellow or light blue, are charming.

Scottish fold

Munchkins, known as “sausage cats,” have short legs due to a genetic abnormality.


Its name stems from its small lynx likeness. The Highlander is amiable despite its wild appearance, markings, curled ears, and size.


This feline type evolved organically owing to isolation and interbreeding that boosted its genetic characteristic.


The Cornish rex has Astrakhan lamb's wool fur, a slender tail, narrow waist, and huge eyes.

Cornish rex

The sphynx's wrinkly, babylike appearance and big, lemon-shaped eyes instantly make us want to nurture it. 


The Norwegian forest cat is also regarded as a natural breed, meaning it’s not the product of human meddling.

Norwegian forest

Khao manees are called “diamond eye” for their dazzling blue, yellow, or strange eyes on smooth, white coats.

Khao manee

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