Strategies for Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Lack of sleep can increase sugary snack desires, making it hard to stick to your diet and wellness goals. 

Sleep Well

Turn off the TV, put away electronics, and sit comfortably at the dinner table to create the right atmosphere. 

Eat Without Distractions

A healthy breakfast boosts metabolism and reduces overeating. 

Don’t Skip Breakfast

Exercise is key to weight loss maintenance. Besides burning calories, exercise builds muscle and supports a healthy metabolism. 

Regular Exercise

Hydrating throughout the day keeps you full and prevents dehydration.

Drink Water

Yoga reduces stress and promotes mindfulness. Try weekly yoga as part of your maintenance routine.


Eat more veggies to maintain a healthy weight because they are low in calories, nutrient-dense, and full of fiber.

Eat Vegetables

For motivation and emotional support, surround yourself with positive, like-minded people who love exercise and well-being. 

Support System

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