Surprising Side Effects of Eating Corn

You'll get minerals with every bite of grilled corn this July 4th.

Yellow maize contains potassium, a mineral that helps decrease blood pressure, build strong bones, and avoid kidney stones.

Plant chemicals, many of which are pigments that give produce color, are in all fruits and vegetables. 

Lutein and zeaxanthin, two common maize components, give yellow corn its rich color and are essential for eye and vision health.

The major pigments in your retina are these two molecules, which protect your eyes from blue light,

according to a Nutrients research. They also aid with cataracts and macular degeneration, as well as blue light damage.

Popcorn is a popular food due to its high fiber and low calorie content. Popcorn, especially handmade or air-popped, is a nutrient-dense,

The journal Antioxidants reports that popcorn retains the plant components and antioxidants of whole corn.

Vitamin B6 and B9, which are found in corn, are essential for energy metabolism and other bodily activities. 

Corn syrup can be made from corn kernels, but it doesn't have the same health benefits as whole corn.