Taco Bell Is Launching New Nacho Fries Later This Month

The Nacho Fries are one of Taco Bell's most iconic limited-time offerings. Nacho Fries was the chain's most successful product launch,

selling 53 million orders by mid-March 2018. Taco Bell occasionally brings back the fries

Good news for Nacho Fries fans. The fan-favorite item is supposedly getting spicier later this month.

Several sources claim that Taco Bell will launch its new Yellowbird Nacho Fries on April 13 and sell them through April 26.

The Fast Food Post said that the new Yellowbird Nacho Fries will include sirloin, shredded cheese, 

nacho cheese sauce, sour cream, and diced tomatoes. A creamy sauce produced in cooperation with Yellowbird hot sauce will spice up the product.

Snackolator also announced the product's release. Last week, it tweeted Yellowbird Nacho Fries promotional material.

Reddit leaks imply $4.99 for loaded fries. Taco Bell did not immediately reply to inquiries about the new menu item.

Taco Bell's Volcano Menu returns in June while fans wait for the Yellowbird Nacho Fries announcement. Taco Bell customers can vote through April 12