The Best Hairstyle For Your Zodiac Sign

Aries: Bold Cut

Mars rules this fiery fire sign, and Aries energy rules the head, thus their sense of hair'style' is crucial.

Taurus: Shoulder-Length Bob

A Taurus deserves a hairdo that is as dependable and stylish as they are.

Gemini: Long Beach Waves

They are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and learning.

Cancer: Long Layers

They want low-maintenance looks that can be dressed up for a night on the town.

Leo: Voluminous Curls

Make a statement, just as you do with your magnetic personality. Leos must appear and act their best, thus they will never have dull or plain hair.

Virgo: Ponytail

A Virgo's haircut should be as neat and in place as their life (or the way they try to live).

Libra: Face-Framing Layers

Libras, who are ruled by Venus, enjoy the aesthetic embellishment of a gorgeous haircut that is likely to be one part traditional and one part cutting edge.

Scorpio: Deep Side Part

They are also ruled by Pluto, the planet of alteration, so don't be shocked if they frequently change their appearance.

Sagittarius: Braids

Braids show their adventurous character and are ideal for those spontaneous vacations. Furthermore, these fire signs will not have to spend much time styling, allowing them to be on the go right away.

Capricorn: Classic Short Bob

They don't like things looking out of place or messy unless it's by purpose. This sign is in command, and everyone around them will notice because of their haircut.

Aquarius: Bright Colors

If anyone can make a statement with their hair, it's an Aquarius. Aquarians should have out-of-this-world hairstyles since they are eccentric and unusual.

Pisces: Retro Style

They enjoy exploring twentieth-century hairstyles (think 20, 30, 40s, etc.) and experimenting with different hair identities.

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