The Electric Toyota Hilux Means The Toyota Tacoma EV Is Next

The juice is loose as more automakers turn to building electric trucks. Drivers will see the Toyota Hilux soon, which is a beefier version of the Toyota Tacoma for foreign markets.

Maybe, new sources and clues indicate that the Toyota Tacoma EV is a real possibility, even as the automaker suggests that the industry should slow down with going electric and focus on hybrid instead. 

The Tacoma Hybrid recently debuted for 2024, but it’s not scratching any itches yet. It might get more attention once the fuel economy figures are finally released. 

Anyways, Executive Vice President of Toyota Motor North America, Jack Hollis, shared that he thinks there is room to grow the entire Toyota truck footprint. 

Whether it’s compact or something else, Toyota thinks it’s important for Toyota to continue to see what customers are looking for.

The Hilux was replaced by the Tacoma in America when Toyota decided it would be easier to build a brand new truck instead of retrofitting the Hilux to meet rising emission standards. 

Toyota plans to mass-produce the Hilux battery electric truck by the end of 2025. This feels like an incredibly fast ramp-up. Also, Toyota hasn’t shared where the truck will be built. 

But it’s unclear what powertrains the Tacoma EV or PHEV would have. Currently, the Toyota bZ4X is the only fully electric option in the lineup for Americans.

It could borrow the plug-in hybrid setup from the Toyota RAV4 Prime which cranks out 302 hp and an all-electric range of 42 miles on a single charge. 

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