The Stupidest Animals In The World


Scientists have calculated that animals have an average short-term memory span of about 27 seconds. With short-term memories of 3 seconds, hamsters finish last on that list.


Indeed, females lay their eggs on the bare ground, then surround them with nesting materials, leaving both eggs and chicks vulnerable to being crushed.


Compared to crows and birds of prey, the ptarmigan family is rarely praised for its intelligence. In fact, ptarmigans freeze when confronted with an enemy or unfamiliar circumstances.

Komodo dragon

This impressive reptile is an acknowledged glutton. Indeed, it often eats too much, and prey that’s too big can get wedged in its throat.

Domestic turkey

Domestic turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo domestica) were tamed and bred for their meat rather than their intelligence. In truth, turkeys are extremely fearful birds that freeze in the face of danger.


We certainly can’t blame the giraffe for its evolution. Its long neck, used to reach high-growing, very nutritious leaves, is actually a handicap when eating food and drinking water at ground level.

Three-toed sloth

Three-toed sloths, like those with two toes, are terribly clumsy on the ground, making them easy prey to ocelots and jaguars.


This magnificent green and yellow bird is the only member of the parrot family that cannot fly. This wasn’t necessarily a problem when it had no predators.