The Wildest and Ugliest Tattoos in NBA History

Lonzo's arms pay tribute to influential black figures like Obama and Dr. King, serving as sources of inspiration.

Lonzo Ball Tattoo

LeBron's "Chosen 1" tattoo, a premonition fulfilled through his legendary NBA career.

LeBron James Tattoo

JR, the trigger-happy guard known for his love of threes and impeccable shooting.

JR Smith Tattoo

KD's admiration for 2Pac and Rick James adds to his polarizing persona in the NBA.

Kevin Durant Tattoo

Derrick Rose's "Poohdini" tattoo once symbolized his lightning-fast play, now a nostalgic reminder of past glory.

Derrick Rose Tattoo

Kawhi Leonard's enigmatic tattoo on his right upper arm leaves fans puzzled and intrigued.

Kawhi Leonard Tattoo

Chris Bosh's intricate back tattoo featuring a bare tree, a tiger, and a bird sparks speculation but remains shrouded in mystery as the player offers no comment.

Chris Bosh Tattoo

Michael Beasley's "Super Cool Beas" tattoo reflects confidence but draws criticism for its perceived arrogance.

Michael Beasley Tattoo

Blake's tattoo of kids overlooking a city skyline evokes nostalgia and possibly represents a longing for simpler times.

Blake Griffin Tattoo