The World's 9 Most Stunning Destinations

The Maldives' white-sand beaches, world-class resorts, and palm tree-filled woods define a tropical escape.


Nearly 25% of the land is protected, allowing its native flora and fauna to thrive and create a stunning landscape.

Costa Rica

The US is unique in its geographic and cultural diversity.

United States

In the Ica desert, Huacachina is a charming settlement where guests can explore the nearby dunes at night.


The country's history is taught by centuries-old shrines and temples.


The East African nation is known for its vast savanna grasslands and rich animals.


Thailand's attractions span from Bangkok's busy city to Koh Kood's mangroves and verdant forest.


Greek magic is found in lesser-known islands like Evia's hot baths and Nisyros' art shows.


Italy is known for its delicious food, charming pastel villages, and deep passion for the arts, making it hard to choose where to begin.


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