These Dream Cars Are Nightmares To Maintain

Everyone who devotes even a modicum of thought or care to cars has a dream car. Whether it be a sensible sports car or a bleeding-edge supercar, we all have cars on our “I made it” list.

Well, you might want to rethink these four desirable rides if you don’t have a stomach for expensive or time-consuming maintenance. 

From the iconic Ferrari F355 to the Jaguar XJS V12, some cars appeal more to your heart than your head.

OK, so you’ve found that listing featuring your dream car. It’s old enough to be a dad considering hair growth supplements, yet still catches your eye without any effort.

Well, like most aging rock stars, your dream car requires quite a bit of upkeep if it’s not planning on a short lifespan. Here are a few of our favorite dream car scenarios with nightmarish maintenance requirements.

If you’ve ever heard a Ferrari F355 do an operatic pull through a tunnel, you’ve likely fallen in love with the rear-mid-engine Italian. 

However, even though the F355 is one of the few above-argument lookers in the dream car market, it’s not drama-free. Should you choose to keep up with the maintenance intervals, you could be pulling your F355’s 3.5L V8 engine every 30,000 miles or five years.

The Jaguar XJ-S, or XJS, is an easy, deceptively affordable fatale for dreamers and car fans. However, the 5.3L V12-powered models aren’t a drama-free, affordable means to owning a handsome 12-cylinder performance car. 

No, the XJS is prone to valve failures, overheating-related issues, and electrical gremlins. In fact, many owners suggest opting for the 3.6L inline-six-cylinder models.

For starters, a clutch job in your Countach could cost eight times as much as replacing the clutch in a late-model manual Ford Mustang GT. It’s iconic, but you’ll pay for it.

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