Time-Saving Beauty Makeup Hacks for Busy Mornings

Multitasking Products: 

Choose multipurpose items. Use a lip and cheek tint or a tinted moisturizer for light coverage and moisture.

Foundation Skip:

Skip foundation and spot-conceal if time is short. This saves morning time.

Prepared Brushes: 

Prepare makeup brushes. Keep them tidy and organized so you can find what you need quickly.

Makeup Station: 

Keep your cosmetics and essentials in one place. This prevents morning search time.

Use Cream:

Cream makeup blends faster than powders. Applying cream blush, highlighter, and eyeshadow using your fingertips saves time.

Fast Eyeshadow:

Quickly apply one or two eyeshadow hues. Use a neutral tone all over the lid and a little darker shade in the crease for depth.

Fast Eyeliner: 

Apply eyeliner quickly with a pencil or gel liner and a brush. For an easy look, smear the line.

2-in-1 Mascara

Select a mascara that lengthens and volumizes in one coat.

Brow Gel

Use colored brow gel to comb and color your brows rapidly.

Lipbalm or Stain: 

For instant lip color, use a tinted lip balm or stain. They don't require accuracy like lipsticks.

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