Top 10 Curly Hair With Bangs To Stir Up The Hair World

1. Curly Hair Bob with Bangs and Highlights. 

Except for the carefully clipped arched bangs that provide some sharpness to the look, this voluminous bob with bursts of light brown is beautifully chaotic.

2. Highlighted Bangs with Curly Hair. 

This look uses golden streaks across the bangs to highlight the face rather than the hair. Splendid!

3. Lioness-Style Curls with Layered Bangs. 

Another technique to wear bangs with curly hair is to layer strands of varying lengths on top of each other for a bouncy look.

4. Long Curly Curtain Bangs. 

These long strands of hair falling on the face draw emphasis to the eyes and cheekbones while elegantly merging with the curls on the sides.

5. Shaggy Curly Hair Bangs. 

This style is inspired by Brigitte Bardot's easy and voluminous appearance, and it combines a densely layered cut with a tousled feathery fringe.

6. Soft Curly Hair with Curtain Bangs. 

The spirals in the front are cut more graduated here to provide a flattering framing for the lovely face.

7. Auburn Curly Hair with Straight Bangs. 

A strong color, a textured cut, and a good pair of baby bangs with highlighted ends are required for this statement appearance.

8. Graphic Short Curly Hair with Bangs. 

A retro pyramid-shaped bob with tiny ringlets of varied lengths is an alternate way to achieve daring micro bangs with curls.

9. Full Large-Curl Bangs. 

This attractive lady clearly understands how to create bangs with curly hair since she cleverly highlights the magnificent volume of her cut with huge curls on the forehead.

10. Long Curly Hair with Bangs. 

These brow-skimming bangs complement the volume on the sides to soften and balance the rectangular face.

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